As an advisor to the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project (RMWP), we are involved in supporting the challenging work to restore wolves to Colorado, including outreach, advocacy, and dialogue and community building between livestock producers and wolf advocates.

Representing RMWP, Courtney worked collaboratively with The Stanko Ranch, Colorado State University (CSU), and CSU Extension to curate a special opportunity to bring wolf advocates and ranchers together for a weekend of conversation and learning.

The goal of this event was to curate a field opportunity to foster dialogue, build community, and find common ground between all who are working to lay the foundations to live and work with wolves and other wild carnivores through programs that minimize conflict, foster understanding, and perhaps most importantly—support people on working landscapes.

The goodwill expressed at this event provides us with opportunity and hope that we can work together to dismantle polarized viewpoints which can make all the difference for people and wolves in Colorado.

The event resulted from the shared vision between Courtney Vail and Jo Stanko, and with the belief that friendships and dialogue can bridge any divide.

Stanko Ranch Event Flyer Final

We worked with the Global Indigenous Council to co-produce two short videos with Director Rain Bear Stands Last to highlight the importance of wolves to Indigenous peoples.

Ben Nuvamsa and Hopi Perspectives

Nolan Yellow Kidney and Blackfeet Nation